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Cocos Technology has announced that their Cocos Creator game engine will be able to officially create games for the Nintendo Switch starting next month. The game engine’s official launch on Nintendo Switch marks the first instance in which the Chinese tech company will be dipping its feet into the console game space.

In a statement regarding the news of the Nintendo Switch’s compatibility with the Cocos Creator game engine, Cocos Technology CEO Zhe Wang had the following to say:


“As our development ecosystem has been evolving, so have our company’s goals, and the Nintendo Switch is part of our future. Not only for its ability to have gaming on the go but its appeal to gamers here in China and globally.”


In the past, several developers have made their Switch games using Cocos Creator. However, these independent developers had reworked the open-source engine themselves to get it running on Nintendo’s platform for their titles.

Cocos Creator will be publicly available for free starting early July to all Nintendo Switch developers. Any developer who has previously created games for Nintendo Switch though can already access Cocos software and begin making new projects.



Via: Venture Beat


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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