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Sonic Frontiers has just come off a month of previews and reveals, being shown through IGN First Looks and hastily taken photos of Summer Game Fest demo stations. For today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase though, Sega pulled back the curtain a little further to reveal new details, characters, and more for the open-zone adventure. 

The main focus was Cyber Space, locked away areas on the Starfall Islands unlockable via Portal Gears. These will feature more familiar Sonic gameplay, seemingly evoking the “Boost” era of level found in Unleashed and Generations. Granted that’s just based on brief glimpses, which included the all-too-familiar checkerboard styles of Green Hill Zone and a collectible known as Vault Keys — essential to progressing further in the game. 

Also introduced was Sage, an all-new character to the Sonic series. This mysterious girl appears across the Starfall Islands, cautioning Sonic to leave despite his mission to find and save Amy and Tails. 



All of this will start on Kronos Island, the first of the Starfall Islands Sonic finds himself on and the one that’s been the focus of the majority of previously released gameplay. We now know that the ruins that dot Kronos Island were homes of the island’s ancient inhabitants, known as the Koco. How they’ll play into Cyber Space and the (presumably Eggman-made) robots found along the Islands remains to be seen. 

Other bits of info point to players seamlessly running to and from combat, side quests, puzzles, Cyber Space stages, and conversations with characters around the island — all in any order you’d like. You’ll utilize the new Cycloop ability, where Sonic creates a band of light around enemies, items, and areas to interact with them and unlock further secrets of the Starfall Islands. 

There’s still plenty more to discover about Sonic Frontiers, coming to Nintendo Switch and more this holiday! 





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Written by Ricky Berg

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