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Nintendo ended today’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct not with news on when its coveted Special Edition can be ordered, but instead a burning question for fans of figures — amiibo support. While there were no new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo announced, it was confirmed that other figures can be tapped in to gain in-game items. 

For owners of the Shulk amiibo, a more unique amiibo unlock will be available as well. 



The Monado was where this series began, and though it may not have seen this future back in 2007 it’s still a welcome sight two sequels later. Anyone using Noah’s Swordfighter class will have access to the Monado weapon skin, which also begs the question of what might happen down the line. With Pyra and Mythra amiibo still on the way, there’s a chance we could see their swords also come to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 once available. 

Only time will tell on that front, but definitely have your Shulk amiibo ready for Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s July 29th release. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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