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There may be no Direct today like many assumed there would, but the Nintendo rumor mill continues unabated all the same. Known leaker and Nintendo World Report contributor Emily Rogers (wow, feel like I haven’t heard that name in a while) has reported about a brand-new Fire Emblem game, including a number of details.

By her word, the new game is not a remake but a whole new story, developed with a collaboration between FE mainstay Intelligent Systems, recent partner Koei Tecmo, and newcomer KT subsidiary Gust, who was reportedly brought on to assist with the game’s graphics, which are an improvement over Three Houses’. The game was originally intended as a 30th anniversary game for the franchise and has been supposedly finished for over a year. The protagonist apparently has a dragon for a mom (wow, this franchise has never had a half-dragon protag before) and a mixture of red and blue hair. (I’d say he’s Eliwood and Ninian’s child, but we already had a game starring him.) The most striking detail Rogers slips is that of an “Emblems” gimmick that allows the player to summon FE characters from the past to join their squad, à la Awakening’s Einherjar or basically all of Fire Emblem Heroes.

All rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, and some of the details here feel like the kind of thing a random person would guess either as a reasoned estimate or a light joke. Not to mention why they’ve held off on releasing it if it’s been finished — presumably to give more breathing time between Three Houses and this game, but over a year of just sitting on it? It ultimately raises more questions than answers. We’ll just have to see if the rumors are true whenever IntSys announces the next game in the series.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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