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Sonic Frontiers had its world gameplay debut earlier this week, which focused on movement and exploration in the big, wide open world. Now, continuing its slate of reveals as part of IGN First, the game has shown off its combat in various contexts, which looks… well, you can see for yourself.



The combat by and large is a departure from Sonic tradition, where enemies were simple obstacles you could kill in a hit or two and pretty much only needed a homing attack to deal with. Now they require multiple, sometimes many hits to destroy, and Sonic has special moves — such as a tornado he can create by making a circle on the ground or what appears to be a special combo attack — to help deal with certain enemies. We also see him take on a towering enemy many stories high, which involves three different phases of ascension and attacking its weak point. 

Sonic Frontiers will have even more footage from IGN throughout the month. Check back as more info emerges!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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