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Update (6/7/22): The Pokémon Unite channel has shared a video spotlighting the introduction of Delphox, one day ahead of the fiery Pokémon’s inclusion in the game. Check it out!




Today, Pokémon Unite’s official blog announced that the fan-favorite Fire/Psychic-type Delphox from Pokémon X & Y will be joining the MOBA free-to-play game’s roster. Beginning this month on June 8th, players will be able to purchase Delphox from Pokémon Unite’s in-game store. (Previously, Espeon and Azumarill were the last characters to be added to Pokémon Unite’s roster.) Below, players can take a look at Delphox’s brand-new Pokémon Unite character artwork.



Delphox joins its fellow Kalos starter Greninja in the game, leaving Chesnaught as the only remaining fully evolved starter from the region who won’t be yet playable. It appears Delphox will be a Ranged Attacker, well suited to its fire mage aesthetic, and presumably a special-type attacker as well. No other details were provided on Delphox quite yet, but that’s not stopping the arrival of this oracular addition to Unite’s roster on June 8th.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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