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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, without a doubt, the game I’ve put the most time into. Even five years later, my family and I will gather around the TV just to explore the lands of Hyrule for the thousandth time. And here we are, on the cusp of a sequel and over five years past the release of the original, and fans are still uncovering brand-new secrets hidden in the massive open world! This particular secret has to do with one of the memories that Link unlocks on his adventure and how it differs depending on if you have a particular photo on your Sheikah Slate.



The memory in question is actually the 13th and final memory you unlock in the game. Once you unlock the first 12 memories, you return to Impa who shows you a picture of the location where you can unlock memory number 13. Impa even encourages you to snap a picture to better remember the spot you are looking for. If you do snap a picture, finding the final memory location will trigger a cutscene where Link pulls out the Sheikah Slate to inspect the picture, however, a different scene plays if the player opted not to snap a photo.



While it’s not the biggest revelation in gaming history, it’s still baffling that it went unreported after all this time, especially with how beloved the game is. Who knows what secrets will be uncovered when the sequel to Breath of the Wild releases sometime next year!

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Written by Jason Ganos

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