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About a year ago it was announced that Final Fantasy IX would be getting an animated adaptation from Paris-based animators Cyber Group Studios, a fascinating announcement that drew responses ranging from cautious optimism to more skeptical wariness. Well, we might have a more concrete idea of what to think soon enough: according to Cyber Group vice president Bruno Danzel d’Aumont, the show will be presented for the first time at the upcoming Licensing Expo this week in Las Vegas.

Animation Magazine interviewed d’Aumont, who revealed that Final Fantasy IX would be one of the properties presented alongside Digital Girl, The McFire Family, and Press Start! We don’t know any contents of the reveal yet, but we do know that the FFIX show is aimed at 8 to 13-year-olds, which may be a tall order for a story about the cycle of death and the meaning of life. The Licensing Expo kicks off today and continues for the next two days, with an online-only portion starting on Thursday, though there is a chance the reveal will be behind closed doors. We’ll update you with whatever info comes out of it.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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