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Hey, remember Keiji Inafune? That guy? The classic Capcom Mega Man illustrator who ran his reputation into the ground during the mid-’10s after getting involved in a ton of botched Kickstarters and releasing the disastrous Mighty No. 9? Well, he’s back. And not with a new game or anything (well, he’s been executive producing the Azure Striker Gunvolt series to modest success at least) but rather an NFT collection. This was in my 2022 bingo card, actually.



You don’t need to hear the NFTs Are Bad spiel for the millionth time, so we’ll just revel in the anti-irony for a second. Of course. Of course the guy who’s arguably the face of failed crowdfunding campaigns would go here. It’s like assuming you’ll get wet if you step out into the rain. Almost as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. I would’ve called it sooner if I hadn’t forgotten about Inafune’s general existence over the past couple years.

Anyway, the collection is entitled “Beastroid” and full of Mega Man X Maverick-style designs. Pretty much what you’d expect. Inafune has always been an art guy so it’s at least the right direction, just the wrong vehicle. Woof. No Friggin’ Thanks.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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