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It’s been noted before, but one of the main criticisms of Fire Emblem Warriors was how many playable characters shared movesets. It almost evoked playing as classes rather than characters, but thankfully it’s looking like Three Hopes is out to remove (or at least dilute) that problem. 

Just have a look at this new trailer, showcasing the entirety of Three Houses’ Blue Lions back in action. Fan-favorites like Felix and Mercedes are now not only confirmed, but set a precedent for the other Houses’ rosters. Each character leans into their specialties from their debut, looking true to their personalities and showcasing updated designs.



I can see some attack overlap filtering in once we (presumably) see the whole of the Black Eagles and Golden Deer return. Whatever the case, it’s a solid showing for this sequel/spinoff so far. Be ready for more Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes as we approach its June 24th release.

Looking to secure your copy? You can view a list of retailers selling Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes in our pre-order guide!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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