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Reggie’s press gauntlet to promote his new book (Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo) continues, as he recently went on the Kinda Funny Gamescast to discuss various facets of his career and more. While the full 47-minute interview is chock-full of enticing info and well worth your time, but Reggie’s response to one question proved most interesting. When asked if there was a game he’d put a lot of faith into that just didn’t land right with people, Reggie’s answer was Metroid: Other M, the much-maligned 2010 character study/action game for the Wii. 

Reggie thought it would be a “defining” and “killer” moment for the Metroid franchise as a whole, one that gave much more perspective about Samus, but “It didn’t deliver — not the business results, [and] it didn’t really touch the player the way we hoped it would.” Reggie then shared an anecdote where he talked with the game developers (as well as Miyamoto and Iwata) about what went wrong, and he criticized the game’s turgid pacing for the first few hours, saying there wasn’t much payoff and that the devs needed to move things along quicker. “And hopefully that advice had a little bit of an impact on the developers in the room,” said Reggie.

It’s slightly interesting that Reggie would focus on that over the content of the story itself, which is what drew many Metroid fans’ ire, but the two topics are certainly related. Be sure to check out the full interview for more (Other M talk occurs at 16:47).



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