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Another month, another update to Fire Emblem Heroes. You know, I haven’t played this game for a couple years, and each time I look at one of these it feels like they’ve added 20 more modes. I remember when Tempest Trials were the hot new thing, for chrissakes. My out-of-touch nature aside, here are some updates coming to Fire Emblem Heroes in version 6.5.0:


  • You can use Tactical Retreat (preserving your chain) two times now in the Arena
  • You can see all of your opponent’s remaining teams in Summoner Duels
  • Captain skills Erosion and Effulgence are getting slight buffs
  • New Memento Events in Hero’s Journey
  • Duma is getting new skills (Fury 4 and Upheaval+)
  • Limited-time combat manuals are being updated
  • Weapon Refinery skills for Thea, Gharnef, Idunn, Picnic Felicia, Kaden, and Duma.
  • Other minor tweaks and additions.



Be sure to check out the full 6.5 update notes for details.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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