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There are few bits of clothing apparel more associated with football (and yeah, I’m calling it football, I’m trying to be respectful of the lingo) than the scarf, almost as iconic to the beautiful game as flopping, faces of disbelief when refs give you a red card, and fans literally fighting each other. But given that most media doesn’t want to market itself like a hooligan who’ll tackle you for wearing a Man U jersey in Liverpool, there’s only one real option in the realm of “cool pre-order bonuses for a football game”: and so it is with the UK pre-orders for Mario Strikers: Battle League… er, Mario Strikers: Battle League FOOTBALL, as it’s called over there. Wow, they really like that word. 



The scarf bonus is styled like it’s for a genuine FC, which is a great attention to detail and honestly makes it one of the cooler pre-order bonuses I can think of. It’s also very regionally appropriate — it’s not that we don’t have football (excuse me, soccer) in the US, but it’s not nearly as embedded into the national psyche as it is in Britain. Maybe we’ll get an (American) football helmet for pre-order here to market the game’s vicious brutality. Who knows!

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football releases June 10th. In the meantime, make sure to check out the pre-order bonus over at the Nintendo UK Store.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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