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Updated on 4/8/2022 – 12:15 p.m. PT: Clarified information about the store’s location and added that the store is open.

It’s always the most exciting part of any theme park — consumerism! Well, that’s kinda baked into theme parks from the ground up, but the newly-renovated “Feature Presentation” store that’s just opened at Universal Studios Hollywood sure is enticing us to buy things.

The Feature Presentation store can be found “just inside” Universal Studios Hollywood’s main gates and typically houses apparel related to new franchises arriving at the park.

Thanks to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, we have a good look at what’s being sold inside.

Photos show Mario and Luigi plushes, a Mario hat, and a Bowser T-shirt alongside other merchandise in the background and the storefront in general.

Despite my earlier irreverence, I have no doubt that I’m going to buy a dozen miscellaneous knick-knacks I don’t need whenever I revisit the theme park (and when I go to Super Nintendo World when it opens next year).

Check out all the pictures of the Feature Presentation store below:



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