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Everybody knows that Xenoblade Chronicles battle quotes are the greatest thing humanity has ever produced. The sheer quality of Reyn statements alone is enough to make me forget the bleak gray firmament outside and get through the bad times — after all, you really can’t have a rainbow without Reyn, baby. And now we’re seeing a nod to the enduring legacy of these lines in a Lego video game of all places, thanks to developer David Harris and Shulk’s Voice Actor Adam Howden.



Howden had some minor roles in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, leading Harris to insert a line shouting out Xenoblade. The game has a character named the Disco Director (voiced by Howden) who shouts “Now this is a party! I’m really feeling it!” when talked to. Both Howden and Harris seem ecstatic that they snuck it in, and the response has been heartwarmingly positive. It also led to the proliferation of the phrase “Reyn, you’re a lightsaber” which is funnier than literally every single standup comedy bit I have heard in my entire life.




“I’m really feeling it” is definitely the best-known of Shulk quotes, largely due to Smash Bros. (the “It was me, Dio” of the fandom, if you will), but it’s still really nice to see, especially since Howden and Harris appear to just wholeheartedly love it. Let’s hope we get similar shoutouts in the future.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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