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The power of pink and jazz is unmatched — the 8-Bit Band’s cover of “Meta Knight’s Revenge” from Kirby Super Star has won a Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella, becoming one of a very select list of games honored with a nomination at the award show, and one of even fewer to win. Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman took home the award for their efforts, a fine achievement after covering countless pieces of video game music in a big band style over the past few years.



The first (and as far as we can tell, only) piece of video game music to win a Grammy before this was Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu” from Civilization IV winning Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) in 2011, though Journey got nominated for the Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media award the next year. The list of VGM music honored at the ceremony is slim, and people within the industry have lobbied for their own category for game composers. Hopefully this win is another step in getting the music industry to acknowledge game composers more.

Congratulations to Rosen and Silverman for their magnificent achievement, and with all luck we’ll be seeing more video game music honored at the ceremony in the future.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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