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We have a pretty solid idea of which video games are popular in a worldwide sense, but it’s always good to take a closer look at popularity in certain regions (especially outside the US). Case in point — the 30 best-selling game franchises by retail sales in the UK have been detailed by charts specialist GfK. And a handful of Nintendo series unsurprisingly make the cut.

The highest ranking from the Big N is the Plumber with Power himself, with Mario getting in at number three — just below twin titans FIFA and Call of Duty as the gold and silver medalists, respectively. Pokémon nudges in on the Top 10 at number eight, which might seem slightly low for the third highest selling game franchise of all-time, though for perspective #2 on that list (Tetris) doesn’t even make the UK chart. Next from Nintendo on that chart is, of all things, Wii Fit at #14, showcasing the utter dominance of the property once upon a time, especially since it has the fewest releases of any game on the list (again, these are only retail sales, so if it included digital sales it would almost certainly fall down several spots). Zelda ekes it in at #29, just below The Olympic Games (which seems to count both Mario and Sonic titles alongside other licensed games for the event).


The UK Top 30 Selling Video Game Brands by Revenue

No. Name Title Count Series Start Publisher
1 FIFA 50 1993 EA
2 Call of Duty 32 2003 Activision Blizzard
3 Mario 109 1987 Nintendo
4 Grand Theft Auto 21 1997 Rockstar
5 LEGO 77 1997 Warner/LucasArts/TT Games/Eidos
6 Star Wars 113 1983 EA/LucasArts/Warner
7 The Sims 106 2000 EA
8 Pokémon 93 1999 Nintendo
9 Assassin’s Creed 27 2007 Ubisoft
10 Need For Speed 30 1994 EA
11 Sonic 55 1991 Sega
12 WWE and WWF 61 1987 Take-Two/THQ/Acclaim
13 Marvel 106 1982 Sony/Warner/Square Enix
14 Wii Fit 3 2008 Nintendo
15 Tom Clancy 72 1997 Ubisoft
16 Guitar Hero/DJ Hero 18 2006 Activision Blizzard
17 Pro Evolution Soccer 22 2001 Konami
18 Skylanders 6 2011 Activision Blizzard
19 Battlefield 30 2002 EA
20 Tomb Raider 31 1996 Eidos/Square Enix
21 Halo 15 2001 Microsoft
22 DC 43 1986 Warner/EA/Square/Telltale
23 Formula One 66 1992 Codemasters/EA/Sony
24 Gran Turismo 13 1998 Sony
25 Forza 13 2005 Microsoft
26 Harry Potter 13 2001 EA/Warner
27 Crash Bandicoot 22 1996 Activision/Vivendi/Sony
28 The Olympic Games 20 1992 Sega/Nintendo/Eidos/Konami/T2
29 Zelda 35 1987 Nintendo
30 PGA Tour Golf 46 1990 EA/Take-Two


Aw heck, I just realized this was a sales article piece. I can’t believe I took it seriously. I mean, every franchise that made this list has a fat wad of cash to flick through, so do I really owe them respect? If I made even 0.0001% of the money Mario has ever made I would be able to pay rent for a year. Instead I guess I’ll keep writing about the philosophical morays of Kirby and gay farming. In conclusion — people from the UK sure have bought video games from retail stores over the years, huh?


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