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We all know My Friend Peppa Pig, the 2021 smash hit video game that redefined the medium forever and ushered in a new age of human enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Well now, only a scant few months after destroying and reconstituting our brains into a higher state of being, My Friend Peppa Pig is back — with scorching, scintillating high seas action. My Friend Peppa Pig: Pirate Adventures enables you to play a daring swashbuckler at a birthday party.

Gather treasure. Find new ways to play. My Friend Peppa Pig doesn’t partake in the trite overindulgences of the AAA game industry like hyper realistic graphics or worlds so big you need hundreds of hours of your precious and fleeting life to explore them all. Instead, it offers a valuable, rich experience straight out of the TV show. AND YOU GET TO BE A PIRATE. Everybody thought Cyberpunk 2076 was going to redefine gaming, but look who’s on top now? Hail to the queen swine.

Pirate Adventures is out now. The world is changed. You know what to do, matey.



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

A writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington. When not working for NinWire, she can be found eating pasta, writing stories, and wondering about when Mother 3 is finally going to get an official localization.