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Is… is this the first piece of official EarthBound merchandise (besides amiibo) available outside Japan? Through My Nintendo, no less? 13-year old me would have never believed it. But it’s here, plain as day — the UK and Europe My Nintendo stores have added an EarthBound Beginnings Eight Melodies music notebook to their shops.

To be extra clear, this is a notebook that is neither college nor wide ruled, but filled with musical bars you can fill in (hence the “Eight Melodies” theming), meaning it’s somewhat unpractical unless you can write are at least read music notation. But with that in mind, it’s a very nice product, embossed with pixel art decorations from the first Mother game in nice sepia toned pages. It has an energy of ancient, eternal nostalgia to it, which is very well suited to an EarthBound product in general.



The notebook is going for a modest 400 Platinum Points at both My Nintendo Europe and My Nintendo UK. No word on if the notebook will come over stateside, though I am personally willing to offer large sums of money to Doug Bowser personally to make it happen. Just kidding; I don’t have that much money. But if I did…


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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