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Few news pieces offer as much fuel for directionless speculation as trademark renewals, which often could mean something as little as “the business is just doing its usual paperwork, don’t think too deeply about it” to “THEY ARE ABOUT TO ANNOUNCE EVERY GAME.” Though in this case, I would put more money on the former, given the nature of what Nintendo has renewed: Mach Rider, (Donkey Kong Country 3) Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble, Metroid Zero Mission, and (The Legend of Zelda) The Minish Cap.

These are all in reference to specific games rather than individual franchises, so unless we’re getting a Mach Rider 2 or Metroid Zero Two Mission (unlikely in both scenarios), the trademarks are either a) basic housekeeping or b) the sign of upcoming ports/rereleases. Mach Rider is notably not available on Nintendo Switch Online currently, nor is DKC 3. GBA games aren’t available at all, though if they do come to the service (and hey, why wouldn’t they), then Minish Cap and Zero Mission would both be presumed shoe-ins for it. But of course, we have to take all thoughts like these with a grain of salt. 



Tune in next time for when we get a trademark renewal for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball or something.



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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