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The history of the Mother series and fan translations runs deep, and now another chapter in it has been written — or rather, translated into English. The two official Mother novels written by Saori Kumi, one for EarthBound Beginnings/Mother (subtitled The Original Story) and another for EarthBound/Mother 2 (subtitled Giyagas Strikes Back), have been translated by Nyaasu.



Both were officially overseen/approved by Shigesato Itoi, though they of course never received an official release outside Japan (what did you expect?). Given the vibe and relatively light plot/main characters of the series, a novelization is an interesting experiment in fleshing out a version of the games, and you can read both on Nyaasu’s website. It’d be lovely to get an official release of these one day too, though considering the rest of the series’ history… we’re not exactly holding our breath.



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