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Another month, another Fire Emblem Heroes update. Seriously they roll these suckers out like they’re candy. Ver. 6.3.0? I hope the devs are getting plenty of rest. Anyway, the main brunt of the update concerns Summoner Duels, specifically adding features that will let you search for replays, the ability to resume matches if there’s a network error, and the ability to copy opponent’s IDs to more easily search for Replays. Besides that:


  • Divine Codes (Part 3) will be added, enabling new ways to compile Normal Combat Manuals
  • Legendary Azura’s unique Gray Waves skill is receiving a buff
  • New Memento Events are being added
  • New Limited-time Combat Manuals are being added
  • Shigure, Sue, and Mikoto will gain new character-specific abilities. New Year’s Gunnthrá, Garon, and Legendary Azura will get new Weapon Refinery bonuses.
  • Aether Raids and Mjölnir’s Strike are receiving light updates
  • New Heroes you can purchase with Heroic Grails
  • Other minor tweaks



Make sure to check out the full update notes for details. The update will presumably drop soon.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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