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Recently, the figure makers over at Youtooz unveiled a new “Revealed” line, where the figure designs were split in half between a recognizable character and certain components of their psyche (look at the quickly sold out Charlie Brown Revealed for an example). Now for the line’s second figure they’re delving into the rubber-hose style of everybody’s favorite cup-headed hero, Cuphead.



You can see creative elements all throughout the tricolor figure — playing cards, casino chips, and the devil himself are all features of his right side, signs of his sinful ways that landed him in hot water (or the hot water in his head?) in the first place. Then again, he’s also flying his lil’ plane, so maybe it’s not that psychologically complex. In any case, it’s a very nice figure that will run you a cool $120. Pre-orders drop tomorrow, February 25th, and orders are expected to ship in May. Considering how quickly the Charlie Brown ones sold out, this is one you want to pick up quick if you’re interested.






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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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