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Final Fantasy has had a myriad of iconic locations over the years, often represented in stages in crossovers like Dissidia or Super Smash Bros. with great aplomb — but usually those areas are highly combative, dramatic battlegrounds, leaving the quieter towns and cities in the background (or rather, not in the background). Well, friendly little kart racer Chocobo GP is shining the spotlight on some more tranquil (if still famous) areas from the series.



Zozo from Final Fantasy VI, Alexandria from Final Fantasy IX, the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V, and the Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII  are all showcased here. The Big Bridge looks strangely different from its original FFV incarnation (there’s snow? and fire???) but the other stages look about as faithful as they come — Zozo’s rain-drenched scuz, Alexandria’s amber-lit cobblestone, and the Gold Saucer’s night-drowned glitz are all recreated in soft detail, and will hopefully contain some banging remixes of their themes to race to.

Chocobo GP releases on March 10th. The game is getting an English physical release in Asia, and it’s available to pre-order for $54.99 at Play-Asia. You can save 5% with the code NWIRE at checkout.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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