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When you say the name ‘Detective Pikachu’ to a common layperson, they’ll probably think of the 2019 Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds film. But to the truly knowledgeable, they’ll know about the 2018 3DS game the movie was (technically) based on. Well, in 2019 a sequel to that game was announced to be in development, and we haven’t heard a word since — however, a little news has popped up on the new title’s front: a job listing for developer Creatures Inc. reveals the game is still chugging along.

While the single blip on the radar is reassuring, the fact that they’re still recruiting developers is a sign that the game is far from completion — though the listing reveals the Creatures Inc. (which has been responsible for Pokémon modeling in mainline games for quite a long time) is trying to push the envelope of graphics for the sake of future releases, so hopefully it will pay off in the long run and get people to stop complaining about the visual fidelity of Pokémon games. (Just kidding! That will never happen.)



While a Detective Pikachu movie sequel seems unlikely, we can now have a little bit of renewed faith in seeing the game sequel someday. Let’s hope it comes soon.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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