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Monster Hunter Rise has been fairly consistent with its rollout of post-launch content. Event Quests, collaborations, and item sets have come at a steady pace; though with Sunbreak on the way there’s no knowing when that’ll end. It’s not today though, as in an effort to give anyone arriving in Kamura Village a helping hand, Capcom has revealed a set of free downloadable gear designed to help newer players and fresh save files.



The Defender weapons carry higher attack strength than the existing “starter” weapons and look to have a pretty easy upgrade path. This’ll make them appealing options as you work through your earliest quests before crafting something more fine tuned!

On the armor side, the Blackbelt set will bulk up your defenses and healing so you can stay in the fight longer. It’ll even come with some levels of Earplugs, keeping you from flinching against monster roars. You’ll be able to receive this as layered armor as well if you like the look but want to dive into your own, more unique build. A Guild Cross set was also shown but not elaborated on, other than it being a great choice for harvesting materials.

These beginner-friendly gear options will be available to all players, for free, beginning February 24th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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