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Almost any game is going to feature unused content in its code somewhere, and folks are just starting to uncover such content for Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Twitter user @DeepGameRes is leading the charge, having discovered a separate map for the game that consists of a modern bedroom — with decor and design similar to protagonist bedrooms from previous Pokémon games.



In addition, she’s worked with fellow hacker @ElChicoEevee to uncover another wide open map, dubbed Area11. This one is particularly massive, and they’ve wrangled out a way to load the texture into the map — though absent of detail unless they force the Obsidian Fieldlands on top of it..




What were these areas to be used for? It’s a bit tough to say about Area11 since we know so little about it, but it’s easier to theorize about the bedroom — it might’ve been where the player started the game originally before getting isekai’d to Hisui. Or maybe it was to reveal at the end that It Was All A Dream. Who knows? We can’t say for certain without dev input. Either way, it’s fascinating to see, and we can’t wait to see more unused content as it becomes available.


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