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The A Hero Rises popularity vote has ended for 2022, and Fire Emblem Hero fans clearly have a favorite color. To recap, players could vote for characters they’d like to take part in an upcoming Voting Gauntlet event. The winner of that would then be gifted to all players for free, while the top four would find themselves in a dedicated summoning focus.

With the top 20 results now known, we can see which eight heroes will take part in that Gauntlet! You may notice a fairly common thing for them…



Of these eight, six of them are green-colored heroes! Assuming the top four were to follow suit, we’d end up with a fairly stacked focus — albeit one where chasing any one of the four would be difficult. That said, the two that aren’t green are absolutely fantastic in their own right and should definitely be considered.

Whatever your personal take, here are the eight who’ll be taking part in the Voting Gauntlet and vying to become everyone’s freebie:


  • Ninja Corrin
  • Fallen Edelgard
  • Legendary Sigurd
  • Thórr
  • Eitri
  • Legendary Male Byleth
  • Hatari Azura
  • New Year Dagr


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Written by Ricky Berg

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