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There has been no ubiquitous cultural product at the start of 2022 quite like Wordle. The simple daily word game invented by Josh Wardle has caught fire globally, racking up millions of users, and insane number of derivatives, and a high-profile sale of the property to the New York Times. And now, the game is quickly becoming the successor to DOOM in its ability to run on multiple pieces of hardware, as one inventive modder has ported the game to the OG Game Boy.



The product is the work of @Stacksmashing, a hacker and IT security researcher, who was bored and stuck inside over the weekend due to a rainstorm, spent his time making the port. It technically isn’t quite a full-fledged port due to GB limitations — it can only use and record the 8,000 most common English words as opposed to the full Wordle list — but it’s still quite the impressive feat, and shows just how straightforward a game can be to take the world by storm. Who needs AAA graphics and gameplay loops?



Via: Kotaku


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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