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A third story trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming strategy RPG Triangle Strategy has been revealed, focusing on the third branch of the game’s conflict of ideals while also showcasing the crafty Benedict Pascal. Steward of House Wolffort and loyal to protagonist Seranoa, Benedict is willing to do absolutely anything — even defy his comrades — in order to ensure the House’s victory and prosperity.



Other characters introduced in the trailer include former Wolffort Head Symon, opposing House leaders Landroi Falkes and Silvio Telliore, Wolffort spy Anna Pascal (Benedict’s daughter?), and Seranoa himself. In terms of pragmatic decisions, the game offers one example of a threefold choice on how to reclaim a city: use might to crush a waterway and ravage the enemy (along with townspeople), deceit to sneak into the opposing encampment and slaughter them, or diplomacy as you cut off strategic resources to strike a deal. In addition, the video touches upon both class and weapon upgrades to make your units stronger.

Triangle Strategy looks better and better with each look, making us more and more excited for its March 4th release. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon today.


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