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It’s almost time for the release of the next core installment in the Pokémon franchise — by which we mean “lots of merch.” Pokémon Center Japan is rolling out a whole wave of neat stuff to coincide with the game’s release, including the following:


  • Plush Arceus (¥4,950)
  • Plush Hisuian Growlithe (¥1,815)
  • Hisuian Pokéball style pouch (¥1,870)
  • Arceus style phone case (¥4,950)
  • Protagonist’s jacket (¥6,930)
  • Hisui blanket (¥2,860)
  • Sticky note set (¥770)
  • Mini ringed notepad (¥660)
  • And more!



Pre-orders open January 28th, the day the game releases, and sales begin on February 5th, exactly a week later. There’s definitely some cool items worth checking out as you get ready to explore the Hisui region yourself.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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