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Previously, publisher PM Studios released physical copies of Skrollcat Studio’s Hoa and Pathea’s Ever Foward. However, upon their physical releases, both games mysteriously skipped out on making their way to Europe. PM Studios has announced that the two absences from retail stores will be changing soon thanks to a new partnership.

Hoa and Ever Foward will finally be making their way to European store shelves this upcoming March with the help of publisher Numskull Games.



Thanks to their partnership with Numskull, PM Studios will be able to publish more physical versions of its content in select regions that the company previously was unable to provide the option for. While no other titles were announced to be receiving physical releases, it is likely we can expect PM Studios’ future titles to be published in Europe by Numskull Games.

Hoa will release physically in Europe on March 11th while Ever Forward will arrive shortly after on the 25th. When more physical Nintendo Switch game news makes the rounds from the two publishers, we’ll be sure to let you know!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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