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A hunter must have many skills, and chief among them is looking good. Putting together an armor and weapon set that’s stylish and expressive is its own kind of meta, and Monster Hunter Rise is about to add some game changers. After a brief announcement, we now have a full look at the game’s upcoming Universal Studios Japan collab! Check out the trailer below for armor, weapons, and what you’ll be taking on to claim them.



The full list of USJ collab equipment includes the following:


  • Hunter Armor – Azure Age Set
  • Long Sword – Azure Star Blade I
  • Bow – Azure Era Wyrmbow I
  • Canyne – Azure Era Set & C Azure Era Wyrmblade
  • Felyne – Azure Era Set & F Azure Era Fan


All of the armor is also available as Layered Armor, letting you take on these styles as you like. There will also be a new, downloadable Palico named MEOW LIMIT! (yes, really) and a pair of Event Quests to take on.

All of this will arrive in Monster Hunter Rise beginning January 21st.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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