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Pokémon continues its slate of Sumo wrestling promotions with a new, kid-friendly venture — Makuhita competing against a former Yokozuna. The Guts Pokémon enters the ring against Nishinoseki Yutaka, known during his career as Kisenoseki Yutaka, the 72nd Yokozuna in Japanese Sumo history, as the two face off with seven different Sumo styles and techniques.



The matchup includes both a couple actual Sumo maneuvers alongside more lighthearted activities like arm-wrestling and paper Sumo. Makuhita’s buddy Snorlax even joins in to demonstrate and cheer his partner on. It’s all good fun, and educational about a couple elementary aspects of Sumo (assuming you have the Japanese skills necessary to understand it).


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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