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Echoes of Mana is an upcoming mobile RPG set in the Mana/Seiken Densetsu universe, utilizing the lore and characters of four different games (Adventures of Mana, Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, and Dawn of Mana) alongside new original characters and story. Of course, one of the Mana series’ most legendary aspects is its soundtracks, featuring the works of famed composers such as Hiroki Kikuta and Yoko Shimomura. Now Square Enix has released three different previews for three different tracks, all of which you can listen to below:





The first track provides laidback ambiance, the second offers a banging battle tune, and the third has a muted but upbeat air of adventure. It appears that in spite of being a mobile game, Echoes of Mana will have a soundtrack of the same pedigree as its predecessors — though mobile games these days have weirdly good soundtracks in general (have you HEARD Granblue Fantasy tunes). Echoes of Mana will release in spring of next year worldwide.


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