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It seems like the developer team over at Tencent for Pokémon Unite is treating us all for the holidays as they prepare for yet another addition to the roster in the upcoming days. This time, it’s none other than Pokémon fandom favorite: Dragonite!

The official announcement for Dragonite comes not long after the release of both Decidueye and Tsareena. Being the original pseudo Legendary and the original fully-evolved Dragon-type Pokémon, we’re hoping that Dragonite’s abilities live up to its reputation. At the very least, Dragonite should shake up the formula a bit as the first Ranged All-Rounder of the cast.

For those curious, you can get a brief impression of some of Dragonite’s gameplay in the reveal trailer and character spotlight. While the video isn’t particularly long, it does give you a good idea of what its range looks like, and how effective its Unite move will be.



Oh, and more importantly, how adorable it looks when it scores. Is Dragonite one of the cutest fully-evolved Pokémon? I think so.

Dragonite soars into the game on December 19th (don’t be fooled by the original announcement tweet, it was just a typo!). That’s just over a week away, so make sure you start saving your coins if you want to grab its Unite License!


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