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Longtime summoners and fledgling strategy fans are about to have their hands and heads full with new information on Fire Emblem Heroes! A new Feh Channel has just dropped, bringing on info that checks pretty much every box on what makes Nintendo’s long-running mobile game appealing. As per usual the most dedicated messenger owl around has outlined everything in the latest Feh Channel video:

The main takeaways concern the game’s original characters, as well as a new multiplayer gameplay mode. As Book V concludes, a new storyline is ready to begin that shifts the game’s focus back onto Askr and Embla. In doing so it introduced a few new characters, including one that you can add to your barracks by playing the latest story chapter.

The new ally Ash has made her debut in the Book VI trailer above, serving as a retainer of the god Askr. These aspects likely tie into why she’s fallen from the sky, and will put her in opposition to Embla’s own retainer, Elm. At the heart of their conflict will be Alfonse and Veronica, not to mention her just introduced family member Letizia.

Of course it’s not just Heroes original characters on the way, as this is a Fire Emblem title. New heroes from Fire Emblem Awakening are making their way into the game as both summonable and otherwise earnable additions alongside Ash.

Basilio, Flavia, and Priam will all be featured on a new focus along with Ash. Miriel will also be available, though as a reward for completing new quests to coincide with Book VI’s beginning. As has been the case for other characters included this way, she’ll likely be available at a lower rarity in the future as well. Lastly, Yen’fay will be the next Grand Hero Battle foe/prize.

Rounding out the news (alongside matters like log-in bonuses and player profile cards) was the introduction of a new Arena mode. Summoner Duels will introduce true PvP to Fire Emblem Heroes, letting you face off with another player in synchronous competitive multiplayer matches. A full breakdown is included in the Feh Channel, as well as via this dedicated play-by-play video hosted by the Reinhardt.


You’ll be able to find all of these new additions in Fire Emblem Heroes after the game’s December 5th update, or in the coming days after. As this marks the beginning of a new Book, players can expect the usual rollout of content and characters to continue as the game heads towards its upcoming 5th anniversary.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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