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Players may have moved on to Partying, but anyone who still likes to put time in at the links will be happy to know that the latest Mario Golf has just gotten a new update! The Super Rush Ver. 4.0 update brings in two golfers, two courses, and more to coax you back to this sporting good time of a game. 



For this final update to the game, both Wiggler and Shy Guy are making their series debuts as playable golfers. While Shy Guy is a straightforward addition, Wiggler actually has something unique going for it. When attacked or after using a Special Shot, Wiggler will become enraged and have increased stats for a little while, letting you hit with a bit more power and run along the course quicker. 



Speaking of courses, two new ones have been added. Shelltop Sanctuary is one based around 18 Par three holes, each with an Amateur and Pro version to suit your golfing ability just like New Donk City before it. The other, All-Star Summit, goes a bit more fantastical and leans into its Mario theming with brick blocks and clouds you can run along. New modes are also playable, including the tee-shot based Target Golf and the exclusive to Par 3 courses One-On, One-Putt. 



You can learn the full details on these, as well as smaller balance changes, in the Mario Golf: Super Rush patch notes. The game is available now, and with no more content updates planned you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re swinging for. 



Image source: Nintendo Japan


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Written by Ricky Berg

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