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WayForward has a new surprise for Shantae fans! Later this month, Shantae and the Seven Sirens will be getting a brand new (and free) content update. This “Spectacular Superstar” Update is bringing new modes and a few enhancements. WayForward detailed what’s included on their official site:


  • Definitive Mode: A more challenging “director’s cut” that features classic Shantae difficulty, with rebalanced item drops and magic consumption, as well as more-intense boss fights and new dialog with the Sirens before each battle.
  • Full Deck Mode: Definitive Mode with a twist. Start with all 50 Monster Cards to customize Shantae’s abilities to your liking.
  • Rule Breaker Mode: Definitive Mode without limits. You can equip up to 50 Monster Cards at once to gain ultimate power.
  • Beginner Mode: Definitive Mode made simple. This easy mode makes it impossible to lose! Perfect for newcomers or those who just want to explore the world and enjoy the story.


For players who would prefer to experience the game in its original, unaltered form, Legacy Mode will also be available as an option, and the unlockable Hula Costume (which offers more powerful magic in exchange for lower defense) will be usable in all modes, provided the player has beaten the game at least once. Other enhancements across all modes include improved dialog and the addition of map markers and game hints, which can be toggled on or off via the Pause Menu.


You’ll be able to try out these new modes and more when Shantae and the Seven Sirens’ “Spectacular Superstar” Update releases on Tuesday, November 30th.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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