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Great news for all you visual novel fans out there!

Galdra Studios’ latest project, Arcadia Fallen, is a promising new visual novel experience where “your choices shape the personality of your character.” The game promises to be LGBTQ+ friendly, with character creation options that seem to support this claim. Options to not only change your name, hair, and color palette, but also body type, voice, and pronouns, are all available in the game. This should, ideally, lead to an experience that feels authentic and engaging for all players — something that can be extremely critical when you’re playing a visual novel.



The game also, as expected, has an array of features that can be expected with the territory, including voice acting, beautiful character art, and an overarching story that plays out alongside the romantic and platonic relationships you’ll be forming along the way. In this story, you’ll be playing the role of a young alchemist bound to an illegal spirit, and you’ll join a group of other young heroes all looking to escape their own doom.

The game’s art style is absolutely stunning, and basically screams “visual novel” from top to bottom — from the character art, to the background visuals, to the animated text boxes that appear when characters speak. And as someone who can be drawn into a game purely by the art style, I’d be lying if I said this one hasn’t caught my attention from the trailer alone.

While Galdra Studios was aiming for simultaneous release on PC and Switch, the Nintendo Switch version has been delayed ever so slightly, according to their recent Kickstarter update. If you’ve got your eye on this indie title and can’t wait for “later this year”, you can get Arcadia Fallen on November 17th on Steam.


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Written by George Comatas

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