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Earlier this year, Nintendo and Niantic made a surprise announcement about multiple Nintendo IPs getting the mobile app treatment. The first IP that they were ready to announce at the time was a Pikmin app. Since the announcement, Niantic has been conducting various beta tests for the game. While Niantic asked players to not share details, inevitably, gameplay details did make their way online. Other than a datamine of the beta version of the app in April, it’s been fairly quiet, until now.

In time for Pikmin’s 20th anniversary, new details about the game have emerged this month. This includes the game’s name – referred to as Pikmin Bloom within the App Store beta. Twitter account @news_pikmin reported the discovery on Monday, October 25th, and has continued to find even more Pikmin Bloom-related evidence.



In the last 24 hours, screenshots of a public launch post for beta players have been shared, along with official Twitter accounts for the game in English and Japanese (@PikminBloom and @PikminBloom_jp respectively). Links for the official Pikmin Bloom website and its community fourms have been found by news_pikmin too, as well as the game’s logo.



With all these new details, it looks like Pikmin Bloom will indeed be available in 2021. As for an exact launch date, that’s up in the air right now. While technically there’s still time for the app to launch on Pikmin’s 20th anniversary, that launch window is getting shorter by the hour.

For Pikmin fans out there, be ready to start cultivating your own army of Pikmin with the power of walking soon. Just like the discovery of Pikmin, this app will no doubt suddenly appear and be ready for some fun outdoor adventures – without Bulborbs!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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