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Considering Pokémon GO developer Niantic’s new Pikmin game was revealed just last week, it certainly didn’t take long for the project to roll out into the hands of players. A beta version of Pikmin App, as the mobile title is currently known, is now being tested by invited users in Singapore according to Eurogamer.

Players begin their journey with Pikmin Seedlings, which grow as users walk with the Pikmin App active. Once enough Step Energy has been generated, the Pikmin can be plucked and individually named. All seven species of Pikmin — Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Rock, and Winged — from the mainline franchise (as of Pikmin 3) are included. On the phone screen, Pikmin will follow the player’s avatar as they explore in the real world, similar to Pokémon GO.

VGC also reports that Decor Pikmin can be encountered, which are costumed Pikmin variants with attire themed around the place they are found. Existing Pikmin in your party can transform into Decor Pikmin by interacting with them in certain places, or they can be grown from Big Seedling items.

As players walk, new Seedlings can be found and Pikmin can pick up items along the journey, including fruit. Fruit can be turned into Nectar, which can be fed to Pikmin to allow their flowers to bloom. Tapping on flowers will allow you to collect petals of various colors (red, blue, yellow, or white), which can be used in Flower Planting mode. This mode causes flower trails to form as you walk, making Seedling in your item bag grow faster and new Seedlings easier to find.

Pikmin App features a Lifelog, which players can use to record daily activities with text and pictures. Here, you can also view your step count, places visited, flower planting results, and captured photos. A Daily Lookback will appear at the end of each day, offering an animated summary of the player’s progress. If players make enough steps during a single day, they will be given a go at a propeller minigame that offers the chance to win a free item.

Despite the numerous gameplay details going public, it seems Niantic is discouraging players from sharing images and footage of the game online.

As we reported last week, the Pikmin App is being developed by Pokémon GO director Tatsuo Nomura, and is the first of many new mobile titles in Nintendo and Niantic’s new partnership deal.

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