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Earlier this week we learned Panorama Cotton, a rail shooter twist on the classic cute ’em up series, will be arriving on October 29th. Now it’s been announced it won’t be alone, as another Cotton title is dropping that same day!



Cotton 100% originally released for the Super Famicom in 1994, making this the first time it’s made it to fans overseas. Despite there being a Cotton 2, this was actually the second title in the series and stuck to its horizontal shooter roots.

Physical editions are on the way as well from Strictly Limited Games, with orders going up on October 24th. Like Panorama Cotton, this’ll include a premium Collector’s Edition, a standard edition, and a retro edition that’ll actually let the game be played on a SNES! 



The Cotton 100% CE will include the following:


  • Game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4
  • Collector’s Edition Box
  • Colorful Game Manual
  • Yunomi (Japanese-style tea cup)
  • Kokeshi (Japanese-style figure)
  • Tenugui (Japanese-style traditional towel)
  • Shikishi (Japanese-style art print)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Large Reversible Poster (A2)
  • Logo sticker
  • Bonus Card
  • 6x Character Cards


Look forward to a double dose of candy when Cotton 100% and Panorama Cotton both release digitally on October 29th, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.







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Written by Ricky Berg

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