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Last night, the final Shin Megami Tensei V News broadcast aired in Japan, and as usual Atlus has included English subtitles for us viewers overseas. Good thing too, as this video detailed DLC plans for the upcoming Switch exclusive RPG.

The most notable piece was shared right away. Known as Return of the True Demon, this will add several fights based on Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Specifically the game’s Fiends, recurring demons from the series that played a more prominent role in Nocturne. You’ll be given a Menorah, also from Nocturne, which will draw the skeletal foes your way.

By defeating them you’ll then be able to fuse each of them, giving you access to the likes of Matador and Daisoujou. The grand finale of this will be a face off with none other than the Demi-Fiend, Nocturne’s playable character. They’ll be accompanied by their Pixie ally, and defeating them will grant you the Demi-Fiend Essence item. This one will be available on the game’s release date for ¥980.

Also available will be three other quest-based pieces of DLC. These will also be available on the game’s release date, and will add the following:

  • “A Goddess in Training” – Artemis
  • “The Rage of a Queen” – Cleopatra
  • “The Doctor’s Last Wish” – Mephisto

By completing these quests, you’ll gain access to their focal demons via fusion. A Goddess in Training will be available for ¥450, while both The Rage of a Queen and The Doctor’s Last Wish will be ¥400.

Also available will be a trio of DLC packs that give you access to certain resources to make your playthrough easier. These increase the encounter rate of varieties of the recurring Mitama demons. Defeating these will allow you to gain large amounts of macca, experience, and Glory — a new resource that’s necessary for powerful Miracles.

  • Mitama Dance of Wealth
  • Mitama Dance of EXP
  • Mitama Dance of Miracles

They too will be available at the game’s release, for ¥350 each. If you’re interested in just experiencing the Shin Megami Tensei V story or are new to the genre, you may want to instead go with Safety Mode. This new difficulty will be added as free DLC, also on day one.

If all of this has you even more excited to take on the end of the world, you’ll also be able to pick up all this DLC packed together as the SMT5 DLC Content Bundle for ¥2,952.

Shin Megami Tensei V, and all of this DLC, will be available beginning November 12th.

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