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The Pokémon Company’s Nintendo Switch and mobile puzzle game, Pokémon Cafe Mix, is not only getting revamped this year, but it also has a new name – Pokémon Cafe ReMix. The name change was announced back in August, yet details of the retooled version didn’t include a release date. Today, we know it’s only a few weeks away thanks to the game’s Japanese site. Enjoy running your own cafe with the power of Pokémon and puzzles on Thursday, October 28th!



Announced in a dedicated news post, it goes on to break down the new changes in ReMix, as well as feedback from a closed beta that was held during the summer. Below is a brief summary of the post:


  • There will be four new game modes – Main Order, Menu Development, Training, and Extra Order.
    • Main Order (Pokémon Visit): Order up! This mode will have you serving customers (similar to the original game, but with fewer restrictions). Orders (levels) are also replayable and will have three different difficulties (on a scale of 1-star to 3-stars).
    • Menu Development: Instead of unlocking dishes by clearing specific Orders, dishes will be “discovered” by crafting them. Each dish will require certain Pokémon and any other requirements. Unlocking the dish will also bring new Pokémon to your cafe.
    • Training: A special mode where you can focus on leveling up specific Pokémon that have reached staff status. Increasing a Pokémon’s level affects their special move and the ability to craft new menu items.
    • Extra Order: Includes the 1,200 levels from the initial version of Pokémon Cafe Mix.
      • Rewards for clearing certain Orders in Extra Order mode are Charmander (Order 100), Pikachu Chef costume (Order 600), and Lucario Chef costume (Order 1,200).
  • Befriending Pokémon and Pokémon customers have been tweaked.
    • Instead of being assigned a Pokémon customer, you’ll be able to choose a customer from a pool of Pokémon. This pool can be refreshed with golden acorns.
    • The friendship level system has been retooled. Images have shown Pokémon to be as high as level 20.
  • A new costume/dress up system has been added.
  • New Pokémon will be added, first starting with Mew. Other new Pokémon that will be added to the game include Charizard, Cyndaquil, Sudowoodo, Sneasel, Chimchar, Greninja, and Rowlet.
  • Power-ups and gimmicks have been reworked. 



Other changes include the removal of the “Send Invitations” daily levels and a retooling of the Stamina (hearts) system. With the launch of ReMix, each Order will consume 1 stamina regardless of passing or failing the level. To counter this, stamina recovery time has been reduced to 15 minutes. A new item that allows for unlimited stamina for a short amount of time (15 minutes) will also be implemented.



Try out the new and improved Pokémon Cafe ReMix for yourself later this month on Thursday, October 28th.


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