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Previously, we saw Capcom asking fans their thoughts on the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise’s upcoming expansion, Sunbreak, and the game’s PC version. As part of that, the topics of both cross-play and cross-save were brought up. These are valuable features that blur the line between platforms, which would ultimately let Switch and PC players hunt together and enable the ability to record progress on both.

Naturally the demand is there, however it seems the sun has set on that possibility. Capcom has confirmed that both cross-play and cross-save will not be possible for Monster Hunter Rise.

On the one hand, I’m glad this announcement was made early. This’ll let players figure out their Sunbreak plans or sway players to continue on Switch rather than start fresh on PC. Of course, it’s unfortunate that both are simply not possible. The previously released Monster Hunter World is in a similar situation, but with other titles able to overcome this digital hurdle it’s still a let down even when it’s delivered in advance.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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