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Even with a handful of less than official reveals under its belt, the Castlevania Advance Collection still managed to make its presence known during today’s Nintendo Direct. This compilation of handheld haunts features the previously inferred Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, and Circle of the Moon. Yet there was one last surprise after all that doesn’t quite fit the theme.



Yes, Dracula X has whipped its way in. Being a retelling of Richter Belmont’s debut game, Rondo of Blood, it’s often unfavorably compared to the original. I’ll still take the extra title alongside the three main attractions, though it is odd when you consider that Rondo (along with the exquisite Symphony of the Night) were packaged together and released on other current consoles not too long ago. 

Still, if you want your fill of Metroidvania you can’t go wrong with the Castlevania Advance Collection, available now not just on Switch but PlayStation 4 and Steam too. As for Xbox One, it’ll be available “as soon as possible” according to Konami.




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Written by Ricky Berg

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