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Ahh, September. You know what that means: cleaning… time…? While most of us associate cleaning with spring, Pokémon Sword and Shield think you could benefit from some tidying up, as evidenced by a new Max Raid Battle event.

From now until September 5th at 4:59 p.m. PT, players can take part in Max Raid Battles with a better chance to encounter Mow Rotom, Cinccino, Altaria, and Wimpod, with a chance to grab a Shiny Cinccino. Why these four? “Well, Mow Rotom could keep any yard in order, Cinccino is known for keeping its space tidy, and Wimpod is known as Nature’s Cleaner due to its penchant for eating trash.” Well, that takes care of that!

So if you’re interested in grabbing any of these tidy Pokémon, approach any Pokémon Den in the Wild Area or elsewhere that has light shining from it. Good luck, Trainers!


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Written by Bryan Finch

A video editor by trade, Bryan Finch is a lifetime Nintendo fan, and he loves writing about his passions. He also spends too much time playing and watching fighting games. Bryan enjoys​​ movies, comics, cooking with his wife, and the idea of Elite Beat Agents 2.