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Do you feel your blood pumping? Is your beam katana charged? Have you analyzed the intricacies of your highly specific interests? Then you’re ready for No More Heroes 3! In commemoration of the long-awaited continuation (and conclusion) of Travis Touchdown’s story, Suda51 has shared a special message with fans of the wild world he invited us all into 14 years ago.



The message solidifies that this is so long and farewell to Travis Touchdown and potentially the series as a whole. While those sorts of things can and do change, for now it may be safe to assume that this is the end of his journey as an assassin. Interestingly, the game’s title was once going to reflect this aspect of the game. The original subtitle was for a time “FINAL BOUT – All-Out Galactic War!” before backtracking to simply No More Heroes 3.

Speaking of backtracking, NMH3 captures a lot what made the first game so unique for better and worse. You can read all about how that feels during the game’s earliest hours in our ongoing No More Heroes 3 review.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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