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The Penitent One’s work isn’t done in Blasphemous. A new (and free) DLC update has been announced alongside the future of the Blasphemous series. Before we get to that, first, check out the animated trailer for the newly announced Wounds of Eventide update:



Wounds of Eventide is “a brand-new and free content update for the original Blasphemous that concludes The Penitent One’s first journey and unlocks the game’s true ending.” This free update will introduce “new bosses, areas, and items, and underlines the stark truth that penitence never ends… it only changes.”

A behind-the-scenes video was also released, giving us a glimpse at the orchestra recording the trailer’s song as well as confirming that Sunshine Animation Studio was responsible for the animated trailer.



Of course, the other big piece of news that the Wounds of Eventide trailer brings is the announcement of a Blasphemous sequel! According to Team17 and The Game Kitchen, the sequel is “[c]urrently in the early stages of production, the game will be a direct follow-up” to Blasphemous. The Game Kitchen went on to say the following:


“We’re so excited to finally announce that we’ve started work on a Blasphemous sequel, the community have shown so much love for the first game and we can’t wait to share more when we can! New beginnings also mean new endings, and Wounds of Eventide is exactly that, it’s the final instalment for the original Blasphemous and we hope people love playing the new content as much as we loved creating it.”


2023 seems like a long wait, but December 9th isn’t! That’s when you can explore more of Blasphemous thanks to the new Wounds of Eventide update. 

You can get Blasphemous today on the Nintendo eShop and at a discount too ($9.99 instead of $24.99)! There’s a demo available too in case you wanted to try it out before buying.


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